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Team Team MPire
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Weapons Ramming Spikes

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

Nine is a super heavyweight robot of Team MPire. It is Team MPire's most successful robot. It is best known for entering League Of Robotic Excellence.

Robot History[]

League of Robotic Excellence[]

Nine's first match was against Black Mamba, which started with Mamba pushing Nine around the arena and into the saws. Nine gives Mamba payback with a slam of his own into the wall, and the remainder of the fight was cat and mouse. Mamba was able to win the match with a 23-22 split judges' decision. The second week was against Phantasmic Slammer. Both robots continuously hit each other, head-to-head until Slammer drove Nine into the arena spikes. Nine got revenge by driving Slammer into the saws. Slammer was able to flip Nine into the air, but not on its back. Nine again drove Slammer across the arena and into the wall, until Slammer drove Nine into the spikes once again. Cease was called, and Nine was declared the winner with another 23-22 split decision.

The next match was against Tali'Zorah. They both locked together and tried to push one another, until Nine started to get the upperhand, charging it across the arena and managing to fling Zorah into the air. Zorah was able to wedge Nine and push towards the hammer, allowing a few hits to Nine, but eventually escaping. Both robots go to a standoff, and drive towards each other where they lockup again. Nine pushes Zorah over the saws but still pushes him so Nine also goes over the saws, and into the hammer. Cease is called, and Nine wins with a third 23-22 split decision.

Nine's fourth match was against Tankasaurus Rex, which didn't last very long. Nine charges Rex into the arena wall, and gradually pushes it towards the hammer, which immobilizes Rex after a couple of hits. The week 5 opponent was Teresa. The match started with Nine pushing Teresa into the arena spikes, but gets wedged after doing so. Teresa throws Nine into the drum after a couple of attempts, and finally causes Nine to get flipped on its back. They both push each other across the floor until cease is called. Nine loses with a 25-20 decision.

Nine's next match was against clusterbot, Murder & Slaughter. The clusterbot decided to take separate routes to block Nine's charges, but Nine was able to wedge Murder and slam it into the arena spikes. Slaughter went over to help and hit Nine on the side. Both robots started pushing each other until Murder came back and gets underneath Nine, but was able to escape a flip attempt. Nine charges Murder into the arena wall again which immobilizes it, it gets counted out giving Nine the win via the clusterbot rule.

Its week 7 opponent was Masheen, but Masheen forfeited before the match giving Nine the win. Nine is scheduled to fight against Murder Death Unit.


  • Wins: 5
  • Losses: 2