Oryx Robotics Group
Participation Information
Series Hammerfall

FRR Backlash

Bot-O-Rama 2016

Pressure Drop

Cherry Bomb Classic


Team Information
Team Members Brian Crotty
Home Town California

Oryx Robotics Group is a robotics team ran by Brian Crotty [BrianTheAmerican] that made it's debut in mid 2015.

Oryx Robotics Group made a name for itself in Hammerfall and continues to blaze paths by utilizing unique/unconventional systems on it's robots

Team History

Brian made his first appearance with the heavyweight robot "Dumbo's Revenge" in the /r/Battlebots Hammerfall competition. Dumbo's Revenge underwent multiple changes during the pre-tournament phase of Hammerfall and was finally entered in it's M2A1 version. Dumbo's Revenge saw a moderate amount of success in the tournament, qualifying for playoffs but being eliminated by Meta Ridley.

In November of 2015 Brian took to the ARC boards with many other Hammerfall participants to enter into FRR Backlash, where Oryx Robotics Group debuted with it's first full four-weightclass line up consisting of "Promethean Fire", "Furious Redemption", "Smilodon", and "Fourth Horseman".

Oryx Robotics Group made it's return to the /r/Battlebots league in April of 2016 to compete with the heavyweight "Smilodon" in the Pressure Drop tournament. And returned in the 2018 season with "Curtain Call"



Havoc Pigeon

(Bot-O-Rama 2016)


Hopscotch Pilgrim

(Bot-O-Rama 2016)


Answering Chord

(Bot-O-Rama 2016)


Promethean Fire

(FRR Backlash)


Furious Redemption

(FRR Backlash)


Dumbo's Revenge



(FRR Backlash - Pressure Drop)


Fourth Horseman

(FRR Backlash)


  • Oryx Robotics Group was originally known as Team Flakker during Hammerfall signups
  • Brian considers the heavyweight Dumbo's Revenge the flagship robot for Oryx Robotics Group
  • The heavyweight Smilodon was almost completely ripped off of the famed bot Stingray
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