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Parasite's most recent incarnation
Team Information
Team Team Yellow Alert
Robot Statistics
Weapons Undercutting disc/bar, rear hinged wedge

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

Parasite is a Heavyweight horizontal spinner designed by Spatula (Nick Schuch) of Team Yellow Alert. It is one of the oldest active robots in FRC, first entering tournaments on the forum in 2001. Over time the priorities of the robot have shifted from speed to power to versatility in its many incarnations. In all instances it has been an invertible horizontal spinner with a rear wedge. The weapon configuration has shifted between double-bars, single discs, side-cutting and under-cutting setups. The current configuration of Parasite (F1) has several changes over previous versions.


1st War of the Writers 2001 (FRA)

1st Wars of Fury 2002 (FRA)

1st place Velociraptor's Fanfic Tournamet All-Stars 2003 (FRA)

5th place NSBFL 6

12th place NSBFL 7

2nd place ARC: Armageddon 2010 (ARC)

7th place Ruination: The Beginning 2012 (ARC)

7th place Crazy Bots Blazing Ruin 2012 (ARC)

4th place League of Robotic Excellence 2013 (ARC)

4th place FRR: No Mercy 2014 (ARC)

1st Battlebots: Hammerfall 2015


The Original Parasite in 2001

Can't remember the tournament sadly, but I remember it was a robot wars style tourney, and Parasite made it out of its heat, losing either in the 16 round or the quarters...


Parasite in Velociraptor's Fanfic Tournament, 2004

On FRA, Parasite was a very dominant heavyweight, taking advantage of the complex stat system to pack as much speed and power into the weight limit as possible. The robot could shift battery power from the weapon to the wheels if it suffered damage, becoming a fast and useful wedge.


Parasite in ARC Armageddon, 2010

Parasite's first tourney on ARC required adjusting for the stat system. A glass-canon stat setup was chosen, sacrificing control and armor for power and speed. This was successful and the bot took 2nd place in ARC Armageddon.

Parasite in Crazy Bots Blazing Ruin, 2013


For Ruination and CBBR, Parasite had multiple weapon options--two types of bars and a disc.


Parasite in League of Robotic Excellence, 2013

For LORE and FRR No Mercy, Parasite had a pair of leveraging forks on top to assist in fighting robots when upside-down, as well as interchangeable weapons.


Parasite in Battlebots: Hammerfall, 2015

New changes:

-The main body is reshaped so the rear wheels touch the floor when the robot is lifted from the front or sides, to aid in defense against lifters and wedges.

-The rear wedge is wider and easier to aim with. Gets under opponents from more angles.

-The weapon arm is longer and now has a shield to protect from other spinners. The shield is designed to off-center other horizontal weapons that strike it.

-The weapon is a single undercutting bar. The bar has two sets of teeth for different matchups. Clockwise teeth are bashing/cutting teeth similar to Last Rites and Tombstone. Counter-clockwise teeth are leverage teeth designed to get under other weapons to control other bots, which may be useful for certain weapon trades.

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