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pegasus device[]

-pd (short for Pegasus device) use to be called comp (witch stood for "computerised optimal motion pincer") and the new name is based on the song of the same name by SlyphStorm

-the robot created by team cardboard pony who are most well know fro making all there robots out of cardboard,Lego,knex or a combination off the 3 and the team leader being the creator of the robot run-down lists and battlebots reviews

Pegasus device has came

  • cardboard uk champion of 2015
  • the all stars cardboard champion of 2016
  • came 3rd in the world cardboard championship of 2016
  • and is competing in the super heavyweight division of backlash

-despite this success this robot has only competed in 1 roll play tournament the others have been real life cardboard championships in the team leaders bedroom.

wins in total


loss in total


a link to the deviant post of this robot.