Phantasmic Slammer

The current version of Phantasmic Slammer
Team Information
Team Team Ignition
Robot Statistics
Weapons Pneumatic flipper

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

Phantasmic Slammer is a Super Heavyweight robot built by Badnik96 of Team Ignition. It is the most successful robot from Team Ignition, with a 45-31 record as of March 2015. Slammer's best tournament was Crazy Bots: Blazing Ruin, where it made it to the finals of the tournament before losing to F-Dynasty. It was also the first of Badnik's robots to reach a semi-final, doing so in his second tournament.

Phantasmic Slammer was once a robot in Badnik's own fantasy robot league. Its initial design looked like a cross between real-life robots Storm II and Eruption.

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