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Team Information
Team Team Yellow Alert
Robot Statistics
Weight Class Heavyweight
Weapons Body-length Bar puncher + Flipper

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

Probot is a body-length bar puncher, designed originally for ARC Redemption. Its original appearance was brief before it was retired, and Stingray took up the mantle as the team's bar puncher for most of the time after that.

While Probot wasn't seen for nearly a decade, plans to update it and use it to fill the roll of a control-style heavyweight, since YA's heavyweight lineup is very spinner heavy, had been on the table for a long time.

As seen in ARC: Redemption (2008)

The same chassis and bar were used on Gamma Ray (2016). A modified version of this would become Synergy (2017), a prototype design intended for real-world use in Battlebots and RoboGames. This ultimately was shelved.

Finally in 2018 an updated version Probot was rolled out, to compete in the R.E.D.D.I.T. tournament. This new version adjusts to the changing metagame. In the mid-00s the Overkill strategy of breaking spinning weapons with a blunt object was a viable strategy. The front was reshaped to handle modern spinners and make use of the corner damage scale. While this shape makes the robot weakly invertible, a flipping bar which doubles as a srimech is employed.

As seen in R.E.D.D.I.T. (2018)

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