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Psyclone's original iteration.
Team Information
Team Ice Cubed Robotics
Robot Statistics
Weapons Horizontal Spinning Ring

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

Psyclone is a Lightweight Horizontal Spinner, built by GF93 of Ice Cubed Robotics. A small cylindrical design running on four wheel drive for good stability, it was built predominantly on the ideals of attack and defence. With this in mind, its inner chassis was outfitted with very thick armour unlike many other robots of its type, which gave it great resistance even to weapons such as Axes and Crushers.

Its other main feature was its powerful Horizontal- also outfitted in heavy armour, but based on a 'Ring' design- driven by internal motors to spin around the chassis rather than being driven by a motor on the top to enable it to run upside-down without any loss of functionality. The spinning ring was lined with four big Teeth, with axe-like grooves in order to hook into armour plating as they hit and pull at them in order to more effectively remove them than simply cutting into them.

Whilst it proved to be strong and very resilient, its main drawbacks lay in its lack of drive- it moved slowly and its tyres lacked grip, which made it very vulnerable to rammers that could absorb the initial blows from the spinner. Without the sufficient speed or power to outmanoeuvre or push them, it often found itself being pushed into hazards. Nevertheless, it had a decent run in Ruination: The Beginning- winning four out of the eight battles it took part in, notably KOing The Servant's Assistant .

After its run in Ruination: The Beginning, Psyclone has since been retired, and was later rebuilt into the more successful Tornedron. It is currently competing in Ruination: The Omen.


Wins- 4 Losses- 4

Biggest Rival- The Servant's Assistant.

Theme- Tornado of Souls, Megadeth


  • Psyclone shares its name with at least two other previous robots on ARC.
  • Psyclone's chassis was re-used for its successor Tornedron. Although the two are very similar designs already, Tornedron is outfitted with lighter internal armour, a stronger outer ring, grippier tyres for better control, and new batteries and motors for both the drive and the weaponry to enable it to fight harder and longer.
  • By turning on the spot, Psyclone could increase its spinning speed drastically- this manoeuvre was previously used by its ICR teammate War Bastard, who coined it as the Bastard Spin.