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Robot Bastards 2 Rules[]


Robot Bastards 2 has 3 weight classes:

LW - 25 kg
MW - 50 kg
HW - 100 kg

Superheavyweights were shelved this time around to help reduce the time sink for the limited writing staff, and to reduce the roleplay burden for competitors. It was seen as a logical move since the weight class hasn't had events in real life for several years.


Walkers get no advantage this time. You're free to enter them though, if you're a masochist.


30 points, split between five categories

Speed - the top speed a robot moves at

Traction - the ratio of this stat to speed determines the level of control and precision the robot has

Torque - the relative strength of this stat to other robots determines its ability to win pushing contests and the time it takes to accelerate to full speed. All robots start at 70% full speed, and the higher Torque is, the faster they'll reach 100%.

Weapon - determines how much power the weapon gets, for damaging or flinging opponents.

Armor - determines how resistant a robot is to weapon attacks.

The schedule will be a swiss style 5-round robin. The top 8 bots in each weight class will advance to the quarterfinals.

Winning []

Robots will try to either knock each other out, through disabling them or getting them out of bounds, or to win by controlling the fight and landing more meaningful attacks on each other, and winning a judges decision if there is no KO. Fights will be scored out of 5 points, with the winner taking the majority of points. The points are purely subjective with no discrete categories.


RPs will be in the ARC RP Room. Competitors will be expected to RP each week for all of their bots. RPs will be due Sunday night at 11:59 pm, EST. If you RP late, you are at the mercy of the writer on whether it will count or not. I am concerned about the length of RPs. People feel compelled to write dissertations about their opponents’ weaknesses, and it’s a slog for competitors and writers. I’d like to  cut down on this and make RPs strictly about strategy. You can point out flaws but for Robot Bastards 2, you will have a HARD 500 character limit without spaces.  For reference, this paragraph is 500 exactly.



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