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Active Weapons

Spinners, Lifters, Flippers, Punchers, Hammers, Clampers, Crushers

If you have a weapon outside those categories, ask for clarification how it works. Otherwise, I think we’ll assume everyone has a general idea how this stuff works.

Special Weapons

1) Melty-Brain Spinners

Smart thwacks, known as 'melty-brain' spinners, derive their weapon power from their speed stat. Their actual movement speed while translating will be equal to 1/4 of their speed stat, rounded to the nearest whole number or up if it falls halfway between, and they will need to have enough traction to demonstrate controlled movement while translating. Different from previous stat systems, they will not have to invest any points in their weaponry. However, they remain ineligible for weapon armour bonuses and will be subject to the standard 7-point system of self-damage.

2) ABR forks

Weapons that feed off of the drivetrain power through a differential can run without any weapon power dedicated to them.

3) Flame Weapons

Flame weapons, used on designs such as Raging Scotsman, are usually designed as crowd-pleasing devices that do not do much damage. Writer’s discretion may be used if robots have wooden or other flammable parts, or if the flamethrower is mounted inside of a crushing weapon, like on Mohawk. Flamethrowers are limited to 3 weapon power.

4) Smart Thwacks

'Smart Thwacks' are those that can move around while thwacking using a 'melty brain' or similar system. For these, the speed stat still determines the theoretical power of the robot, but the speed the robot moves across the arena floor will be determined by the weapon stat. Melty-brain spinners will be given an automatic +3 bonus to traction, only to be counted when considering spin-up speed. Melty-brains will also be allowed to give an armor bonus to their teeth, ignoring the usual limitation of armor bonuses to a single side of the robot. Speed and weapon combined may not exceed 18.  Weapon points used for translational movement are subject to reduction by the multiple weapons rule.

Passive Weapons

Unpowered wedges, spikes, etc. anything that does not need points on it to function.

Banned Weapons

EMP Devices, Drones, Electromagnetic weapons, Explosives, Non-Tethered Projectiles, Snares/Entanglement Devices

(to be continued)

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