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Remi's Current Iteration
Team Information
Team Team 57
Robot Statistics
Weapons Drum spinner

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

Remi is a Middleweight robot designed by Hiicantpk. It features a 3-toothed drum spinner at the front and tank treads. Previous iterations included a hinged plow at the rear of the bot and sacrificial rubber armour bolted to the sides. 

A further previous iteration of Remi featured a lifter multibot, but the minibot was scrapped in favour of making Remi a solo bot. Another iteration had sacrificial rubber armour on the rear of the bot as well, but it was decided a hinged plow would be better defence against horizontal spinners.

 Remi has been entered in three tournaments so far. Ruination Lite: The SwitcherTWO, FRR:Backlash and Cherry Bomb Classic. Remi was revised to the current design to be entered into the Cherry Bomb Classic tournament.

 As of the end of the Cherry Bomb Classic, Remi was retired in favour of bringing in a new MW Drum bot in Initial D.


4-10-3 Lifetime

Opponent Tournament Result
Glass Cannon II Ruination Lite: The SwitcherTWO Loss (KO)
Depth Charge II ARC FRR: Backlash Loss (JD - 32-13)
Metal 2 ARC FRR: Backlash Win (TKO)
Thunder ARC FRR: Backlash Win (FF)
Om Nom Nomster ARC FRR: Backlash Win (FF)
Y-Combat ARC FRR: Backlash Win (JD - 23-22)
Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr ARC FRR: Backlash Loss (KO)
D.U.D.E. ARC FRR: Backlash Win (FF)
Clown Breath ARC FRR: Backlash Loss (JD 23-22)
WhipCoil ARC FRR: Backlash Loss (KO)
March or Die ARC FRR: Backlash Loss (JD 29-16)
Lyra ARC FRR: Backlash Loss (JD 30-15)
Rainbow in the Dark ARC Cherry Bomb Classic Loss (KO)
Minion Madness ARC Cherry Bomb Classic Win (KO)
Harbinger ARC Cherry Bomb Classic Loss (JD 30-15)
Hugh Mungus ARC Cherry Bomb Classic Loss (JD 24-21)
Rake Against the Machine ARC Cherry Bomb Classic Win (JD 26-19)