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Robot Bastards is a CFL fic tournament run by Spatula/Bees/Nick Schuch. For the first iteration in 2014, it used modified ARC rules that introduced the damage scale, and some other conventions that have become mainstays of ARC tournaments ever since.

Robot Bastards 2 submissions will occur from January 25th-February 1st.


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Robot Bastards Arena.jpg

The Robot Bastards Arena features:[]

-Killsaws: 7 damage

-Pulverizers in each corner: 7 damage

-Arena Drums in each corner: 7 damage

-A wedge wall, with an "Out of Bounds" zone that bots can be launched into for KOs. This wall is roughly 2 meters high, and has a 50 degree angle. Unless a robot can get itself out of the KO zone within 30 seconds, it will be considered knocked out.

-A layer of fine-grain debris on the floor. This affects the usefulness of pressing wedges. If a robot tries to press its wedge it will lose half its speed and acceleration!

Past Results[]


Robot Bastards 1 results