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Scatterbrain 2014.png

The most recent version of Scatterbrain
Team Information
Team Team Mongoose
Robot Statistics
Weapons Three claw hammers

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

Scatterbrain is a Y-drive translational thwacker created by Team Mongoose.

It was originally conceived as an omni-drive machine, but still had the overall shape and layout that Scatterbrain would keep throughout its existence. Its large hammers were intended to function as wheelguards as well as weaponry, though this has not yet been proved to give any benefit. Following a lackluster performance in the Robot Attack side tournament, it was restyled with normal wheels and a lower profile. Other improvements through the life of the machine include integrating the hammers into the chassis and exoskeleton, plus the addition of Melty Brain technology to allow it to perform translational drift, that is, the appearance of linear motion across the arena, whilst the entire machine continues to spin.

It was first entered into the FRR Dead Zone tournament, where it performed decently, taking four wins out of nine, but was out of playoff contention by the final week. In its next tournament, Crazy Bots: Blazing Ruin, it performed even worse, winning only one match. Its only win, though, did come against eventual runner-up Conqueror. It made a return in the follow-up tournament, Crazy Bots: New Breed City, where its performance improved enough to take the final playoff spot on offer. Sadly, it was immediately defeated by eventual champion Deathstalker. Its fourth outing was in the League of Robotic Excellence 2 tournament, where it matched its in-season record from the previous tournament, but lost out in a playoff tie-breaker to Conqueror. Despite its lack of success, Scatterbrain remains a favourite of Team Mongoose, as well as in the wider ARC community.


  • Wins: 17
  • Losses: 25


  • Scatterbrain holds the dubious honour of having the most losses of any Team Mongoose machine, and the worst win/loss ratio of any Team Mongoose robot entered into more than one tournament.
  • Scatterbrain has had the Most Creative/Unique Design award in the Ruination series of tournaments named after it.
  • Scatterbrain's theme song is currently Mind Eraser, No Chaser by Them Crooked Vultures.
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