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Team Information
Team Team Covenant
Robot Statistics
Weapons Overhead clamping teeth.

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

Seras is a Heavyweight overhead thwack from KodeBreaker of Team Covenant. She is a 2WD overhead fanged "passive" thwack/clamper, "passive" meaning that she acts primarily passive, but a clutch can lock the fangs in place so Seras can keep hold of an opponent. She has an armoured plow-wedge in front, running freely hinged on the wheel axle. Also very bloody. She was rendered in Autodesk Maya by Alex Valentine of Ice Cubed Robotics.

Seras competed in Crazy Bots: New Breed City, but forfeited against Dreadnought when KodeBreaker suddenly dropped out of the tournament.

Overall Record

  • Wins: 10
  • Losses: 2


  • Seras gets her name and some of her paintjob from the British vampire character Seras Victoria.
  • Seras' theme is "Dark Days" by Australian metalcore band Parkway Drive
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