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Shade Fist
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Shade Fist 3
Team Information
Team Team Ignition
Robot Statistics
Weapons Vertical drum and wedge

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

Shade Fist is a lightweight robot designed by Badnik96 of Team Ignition. It has gone through three different incarnations, starting as Team Ignition's very first lightweight entry all the way back in ARC: Armageddon. It performed incredibly poorly, winning only one legitimate fight, so it was scrapped and redesigned. This upgraded version only competed in a rumble, where it again did poorly. The latest version of Shade Fist was designed in January 2013 and finally made an appearance in Badnik's second tournament, League of Robotic Excellence Season 2. Unfortunately, it only slightly outperformed its previous record, winning only thrice over an 11-week season. Shade Fist is currently undergoing another redesign in order to be competitive.


  • Shade Fist is named after one of Vivian's attacks in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.
  • In the original Paint drawing of Shade Fist, Badnik neglected to give it any impactors. This led the writers to believe that it had an auger-style drum.