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Team Night Stalkers
Robot Statistics
Weapons Single-axle lifting wedges, linear impact weapon, thwack tail

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

Smilodon is the first robot designed for the Night Stalkers division of Oryx Robotics Group.

Smilodon was originally developed under the name "Spectre" by Oryx Robotics Group during Hammerfall as an offensive tactical opposite to the extremely short-range drum weapon used by the team's original robot, Dumbo's Revenge.

The underling goal that lead to the creation of the Spectre M1 was to design an offensively focused robot who had multiple methods of attacking an enemy. This "spirit" of the robot was later expanded on with the M1A1 and Smilodon M1A2 variants which introduced interchangeable weapon heads to attack different armor platforms.

Lightweight, Middleweight, and Superheavyweight versions of Spectre are currently in development.

Smilodon is currently in it's M1A2 iteration, here is an album of it's full evolution.

Overall Record

  • Wins 5
  • Losses 2



The original build of Smilodon (Spectre at this time) consisted of a fully invertible chassis/hull housing an extremely long, spiked linear impact weapon that extended far out the back side of the robot and terminated with a spiked thwack tail designed to sweep away low-clearance wedge/push-bots. Extending from the front of the chassis were 2 wedge-shaped lifters working off a single axle to defeat the wedges on other bots and lift their edge off the ground, which would allow the weapon on Spectre to tear into their insides or achieve more devastating effects on their armor. M1 full album


The prototype-only M1A1 version of Smilodon (Spectre at this time) improves on the M1 by replacing the spiked-head of the linear weapon with a bracket and introducing swappable weapon-heads. The M1A1 also replaces the wheels of the M1 with doubled Sewer Snake-esque double wheels. M1A1 full album


M1A2 improved on the M1A1 prototype by refining the different weapon heads into the "Herbivore", "Omnivore", and "Carnivore" variants. The spiked Herbivore weapon head is meant to crush and crumple heavy armor and inflict serious damage on any exposed internals. The omnivore weapon head has the greatest reach and is shaped like a harpoon with a spike on the top to deal a mix of both crushing and slicing damage whenever the opposing robot does not have a serious wedge concern. The carnivore blade is meant specifically to damage the enemy through slicing and piercing.

The M1A2 also features a doubled defense composed on a hinged wedge and roll bar for the wheels while still retaining the Sewer Snake double tires. M1A2 full album

M1A2 Smilodon

The Smilodon variant of the M1A2 featured an upgraded chassis and armor platform with a juiced up drive train. Coming at the expense of a less powerful weapon; this design is meant to control the match and preform with a more tactically-oriented offense rather than the "point-and-smash" goal for the Spectre versions.


  • Spectre M1 was strongly considered to replace Dumbo's Revenge before Hammerfall. These plans were scrapped when Dumbo proved itself by defeating The Rainbow Dasher in the practice matches
  • The improvements to the M1A1 and M1A2 versions of Smilodon were heavily influenced by the recommendations of Cha0sFerret in the pre-backlash thread on Reddit
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