Fantasy Robot Combat Wiki

Voted ARC's least noteworthy team 2017-present, this notoriously reclusive Scottish outfit has baffled eminent scientists and ARC members (ask most ARC members and they will probably claim there is significant overlap between these things. They are wrong.) alike since it first popped up around 2015. The team owner, Ruri aka Noisy (ironic, I know), may or many not be any (or possibly more than one) of the following: A sentient giraffe, a toucan of some sort, a Russian sleeper agent, a perfectly average Scottish guy in his twenties, or something actually funny. Since nobody can be fucked to actually travel to rainy-ass middle-of-nowhere Scotland to find out, we just sort of accept him as a poor sequel and definitely-not sock puppet account for the now-retired Nick Fisher, shrug, and move on with doing relevant things.

Perhaps even less noteworthy than the man are the machines: they are invariably gorgeous, creative, rule-abiding, non-exploitative, painstakingly engineered, and RPed for with care and love. LOL. This is ARC, fam! What a boyscout, amirite? Someday, our resident toucan will figure out that Nice Guys Finish Last(tm) on ARC, lose his innocence, become an asshole, and start winning. Until then, he plays a valuable role in our ecosystem by providing the rest of us fucking degenerates with free wins and beautiful renders to look at in discord and offhandedly comment, "looking good", or "nice bot". It's the little things like this that keep ARC going, and Noisy is definitely a little thing in the history of our community.