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Team Information
Team Team Yellow Alert
Robot Statistics
Weight Class Middleweight
Weapons Hydraulic Body-Length Ramming Bar with interchangeable heads (hook attachment, flipping attachment, spinner-stalling attachment)

Drivetrain-controlled lifting forks (unpowered in some series) Thwacking Tail

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

Stingray is a bot from Team Yellow Alert, designed to be a middleweight that could rotate with Influenza. It is the spiritual successor to Probot, combining elements of it with elements from Skate.


Probot, the original body-length bar puncher (ARC: Redemption)

The concept for Stingray started out with Probot, a heavyweight puncher that competed in ARC: Redemption. The idea behind it was to have a bot that could fight nearly any time of matchup.

Instead of going for damage like most punchers, the bar was meant to fling opponents and disrupt their wedges--and thereby gain an advantage with its own wedges. Against spinners the highly-armored bar could be fired into their weapons and stall them, Overkill-style.

Stingray in Badnik's Rumble Tourney

Since this type of weapon had not been tried before and had never been seen working in real life, there was some question over how effective it would be, but at the very least the bot had decent torque and front wedges. Probot managed an even record in its only tournament, but the idea was seen as promising and other bots started to incorporate this weapon into their designs.

The switch from Probot to Stingray was percipitated by a few events. Spatula initially retired after ARC: Redemption and gave away all his active bots that had been in ARC tournaments. After deciding to return for Armageddon, he needed a bot for the middleweight spot and chose to revive the Probot concept but with a new name. Partly the shape of Stingray was chosen to show off the actual mechanism that fired the giant bar. Stingray couldn't be completed in time for Armageddon but has competed in four tournies since.


Stingray as it appeared in CBBR

Stingray first entered in Badnik's Rumble League shortly after ARC: Armageddon. Its rooky performance was a success, ending up splitting the middleweight cup.

Ruination: The Beginning - Stingray's first official tournament was a more rocky affair. It failed to beat high-powered spinners that it was originally meant to counter, and the addition of a wedge strength category to the stats made it difficult to give Stingray the torque it needed while also having the wedge priority it needed for its weapon to be effective. After a middling performance, Stingray had a complete stat overhall for Crazy Bots Blazing Ruin, resulting in a bot that would go on to become one of Team Yellow Alert's most successful--earning playoff spots in both subsequent tournaments it entered.


Stingray's harpoon attachment

tingray gradually gained abilities over time, gaining a t-wrex style thwacking attachment on the rear, interchangeable attachments for the front, and wedge skirts to protect its sides from flank attacks.