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Tax Cutter

Tax Cutter's 3rd version
Team Information
Team Team Zlayerz
Robot Statistics
Weapons Undercutting triangular flywheel

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

Tax Cutter is a Superheavyweight spinner created by KodeBreaker of Team Zlayerz. It is a very wide and very low 2WD horizontal spinner with a triangular flywheel. It is primarily an undercutter, but can function as an overcutter if inverted. The 2WD is positioned so that he has maximum turning ability and control with his massive spinner. Winner of Ruination: The Beginning, he is a force to be reckoned with.

Overall Record

Wins: 17
Losses: 11


  • His name is a political reference, citing politicians who promise tax cuts.
  • His theme is "N.W.O." by industrial metal band Ministry
  • Tax Cutter has quite a few rivals in Jack Frost, Hector LeMans, Phantasmic Slammer, and Lethal Injection.