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Tali'Zorah: "Give me back my rolling pin!"

One of several of the forum weebs, almost every single one of Team 57's bots has been created and named in reference to something or other from Japan. Alternatively, some of the bots are named after music or songs (although those also mostly come from Japan).

When Hii actually manages to make a competitive bot, it is often his RPs that let it down, that or forgetting to write "be careful of gyrodancing" in his RP. The opposite has also proved true however, with the failure that is Lifter 2: Electric Boogaloo managing to win a rumble by completely ignoring the fight around him and instead doing ramp stunts.

Team 57 has made some questionably effective robots at times, ranging from a brick lifter with more ground clearance than a hummer to Bass Drop, a hammer that completely defeats the point of having a hammer by using Tali'Zorah's left over rolling pin instead of a real weapon.

Judging from the name of this team, it is assumed teams 1 through 56 were all failures of the highest caliber. Except for Team 10, of course, but then again they seem to think that England is a city.

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