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Team Animal Cruelty is a retired ARC team captained by Philip Bergman. If asked he will tell you that is the designer of the greatest HW (and thus greatest in any weight class) ever: Cow Tipper. This is in spite of the fact that its entire career consists of 5 wins against bots that may or may not have ever existed.

Team Animal Cruelty is also notable for retiring designs the instant they approach anything resembling success and then complaining loudly that he hadn't won a championship since roughly the time Battlebots was originally airing on Comedy Central.

During his time spent not winning championships, he would occasionally trot out his shoddy Dr. Inferno Jr. knockoff known as Warper, who's time spent knocked over on his side was exceeded only by Zombie Killer. Since it finished runner up once during a time period where a bot could win a Final via FF, he became convinced it was destined for greatness and gifted many an easy win to even the worst competition.

Pinpoint in its rightful place as a beer coaster.

His most famous late-career bot was Pinpoint who was best known for having a pink tipped wedge that couldn't get under a noon-day sun, being more useful as a beer stein coaster than as a combat robot, and getting sodomized by Revolver Ocelot at least once per season.