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Team Blood Gulch is the first and only team in ARC history to make all four finals in a tournament and then be eliminated in each of them, and ever since then it has gone on to have an illustrious career with many other famous second place finishings throughout its history. Despite having more regular season wins than any other team (because ARC rewards participation, and that is the only thing NWOWWE is good at), NWOWWE gets very mad when his crudely drawn MS Paints fail to win more often.

In his 15+ year career on ARC, NWOWWE has seemingly failed to accumulate any discernible technical knowledge about robots. Instead he insists on shaming or attacking anyone who dared bringing real world knowledge and principles into ARC. Not realizing that his mid 2000s era bots were no longer relevant more than a decade later, NWOWWE became ARCs official “Old Man Yelling At Cloud” in a desperate attempt to deflect blame away from himself for his own failings. Eventually NWOWWE began expanding more effort in attacking any progressive thinking member of the staff than actually competing in tournaments. Eventually a lull in participation gave enough cause to finally demote him from the staff. Privately, many were relieved to have a excuse to remove this senile old fool from a position of authority.

A much more dangerous weapon than the actual Tali-Zorah.

One particular pillar of salt is the disputed effectiveness of Tali'-Zorah. A bot with an unpowered rolling drum on the front that was intended to... roll over opponents. Bear in mind it did not weigh 20 times more than its opponents--in fact all robots on ARC have to compete in the same weight limit, so this strategy was questionable.

Other famous robots on this team include Clown Breath: a poor man's version of Influenza, and Sarge: a poor man's version of Sarge. Don't forget about Zombie Killer, who is stuck on his side to this very day.

It is generally advisable to avoid mentioning “Spin2Win” in his company unless you’re willing to endure a long-winded diatribe on how RPs are serious business and how his terrible bot should have been given a win it didn’t deserve.

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