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Voted "Team most likely to randomly PM you on Discord and earnestly talk shop", Team TBR is owned by Alex. Which one? Well, there are like ten of them on ARC. It's the one who's British, who's still regularly active, whose last name isn't Holt, and who's not a brony (we hope). Recently, with the emergence of increasingly advanced AI, it has become clear to the majority of the ARC userbase that TBR is actually one of these himself, minus the 'advanced' part. He appears to be, unfortunately, an older model that has failed to receive the critical updates that would see him remain competitive.

As for its imaginary bots, generally, Team TBR robots fall under one of two categories: slightly generic British-style flippers/bricks and utter failures. The majority of his bots tend to lose as many fights as possible, no matter their stats or design advantages over the other, due to mild-bogglingly dreadful RPs, often using literally the exact opposite of a winning strategy. The one exception to this is Chemical Explosion, (ChemEx for those edgy enough) a tracked horizontal bar spinner that somehow beat Team Mongoose's Agent X in some relatively recent tournament to win a title and inspire endless amounts of salt from the Scottish outfit. It has since done precisely jack shit.

With as often as he's referred to as Team TBR, this page should probably be renamed Team Team British Robotics Salt. I suppose you also put your personal identification number number into the automated teller machine machine.