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"fewbfgrugtrwogrwnojgew" - an average Patrickrowberry post Voted "Most In Need of a Spellcheck Program" 2015 and 2016, Team Cardboard Pony is known for taking stunning photographs of scenery whilst heavily blurring the subjects of their pictures. The team captain pioneered the use of LEGO and cardboard as armor the omission of motivation devices in robots entirely to save weight for the extra letters in their names that his misspellings tend to give them. After all, why would a team named Team CARDBOARD Pony ever use anything other than cardboard? Once you choose a team name, you absolutely have to stick to it and cannot change it for the rest of your team's existence, or else the ARC police ram thier car with it's obnoxiously loud siren into your front door and shoot your dog 17 times in a row. That's 100% legitimately in the rules, trust me.

Also worth noting is his choice of image host, that being deviantArt, as opposed to imgur or photobucket like, oh, I don't know, literally every single other team on the website. It's almost poetic that he uses a website known for making knockoff """"original"""" characters when he uses his recolored My Little Pony character as his avatar on every platform possible.

He's a self-proclaimed top 20 Robot Wars Youtuber, but fails to realize that there are only a single-digit-number of Robot Wars Youtubers anyway. He makes sure to assert this fact by going into the chat every week or so and advertising his latest video where he basically just plays with legos for half an hour. As you can imagine, users from all across ARC then proceed to watch the video in full and give very constructive criticism on how he can make his great video series even greater.

"wow pat good stuff great shit man damn i can't believe it this literally made me both cumblast and defecate my pants at the same time not enough to ruin my chair or anything haha just a little but hey quality content my guy honksnort" - Mr. AS, patrickrowberry's #1 fan. By "#1" we really mean "only". And by "only" we really mean "he's never watched more than a minute of patrick's content in his life, and doesn't intend for that to change any time soon."