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Team Covenant
Team Covenant logo
Participation Information
Series ARC: Reckoning
ARC: Carnage
ARC: Aftermath
ARC: Armageddon
FRR: Dead Zone
Ruination: The Beginning
Crazy Bots: Blazing Ruin
League of Robotic Excellence
Ruination: The Omen
FRR: No Mercy
Robot Bastards
Crazy Bots: New Breed City
League of Robotic Excellence 2
Ruination: The Contagion
FRR: Backlash
Cherry Bomb Classic
Ruination: The Upheaval
Team Information
Team Members Kody Kunz
Home Town Lindsay, Ontario, Canada

Team Covenant is a fictional robot combat team led by Kody Kunz (That Kode Guy). Team Covenant has been active on the main circuit since 2002 (RW Forum/FRA), but only from 2008 in the Custom Fantasy Leagues.

Team Covenant's official tournaments:

A Brief History[]

Team Covenant started life in 2002 as Team Gore on the Robot Wars Discussion Forum and the Fighting Robots Association fan fic boards respectively. Team Gore, to put it lightly, did not have the best of starts. The only robot of the team that saw moderate success was Wedginator, who has yet to truly compete in the CFL Leagues here. Wedginator racked up a win in Velociraptor's Fanfic Tournament 3, but his success before the forum switch sprouted largely from another major tournament, Fowler Fic War 1, which he came 3rd in. Other robots, such as current robots Killobite and Troubloon, as well as defunct robots like Cosmic Error and Fangorodrim, could barely scrape a win, if that. The switch to the FRA Forum did little to generate success for Team Gore other than placing Wedginator 2nd in the PTT3 pinball. After returning to FRA in 2006, Team Gore managed to slowly earn some success again, with newcomer robots like The Epidemic and Shadow Zone doing well in Fowler Fic War 4. During this period, Team Gore found its way onto the ARC boards, but aside from entering into an eventually cancelled ARC: Backlash, nothing of note happened yet. Finally, in 2008, Team Gore managed to actually win a mini-tournament with Seung Mina (a renamed Destructophobic from 2002, basically a very long wedge), defeating a David Sheppard robot in the final of Liam Eliot's ETC08 tournament on the FRA boards to win.

The tean name change to Zlayerz came about before ARC: Reckoning, and with it came some great success. Wedginator was back to championship calibre, Intrigue and its successors became successful axebots and won Steven McGregor's mini-PTT tournament, and the quality of the stats and pictures had improved greatly. Then Team Zlayerz found its way into its very first ARC competition on the ARC boards. While it was not the best of starts, Shadow Zone Forever caused quite the ruckus upon his rookie season and is now among the robot greats of CFL. Despite this, Kody Kunz feels both Wedginator and Super Gore represent Team Zlayerz better. And represent Wedginator did, finally managing to win Team Zlayerz its first actual major tournament on FRA, Mechanical Maelstrom Season 3.0, written by Lewis Matthews. Wedginator, in its tenth guise (Wedginator X), defeated Eye of Ran II, created by Joey McConnell of Team Picus, in the final. Since then, the FRA Fanfic section has slowed to an alarming crawl, but the current Team Covenant will pick up where they left off, when the section gets going again.

The change to the next team name came about during FRR: No Mercy. The name Zlayerz was wearing thin with Kody and he wished for a name change. He finally settled upon the word covenant, a solemn promise to engage in or refrain from a specified action. There may be confusion due to other members of the community being familiar with the word "covenant", as it has different meanings to them. The redesign of Perseus showcased the first time one of Kody's robots had been branded with the then-new team logo.

There are many robots on Team Covenant that are FRA-only and ARC-only, and sometimes both. Scarab, Perseus, Fulcrum, and especially Shadow Zone Forever are remembered for being Team Covenant's official entry team into the CFL competitions, via ARC: Reckoning. All of them have at least had a facelift since then, and are still waiting to kick bot, among Team Covenant's other numerous creations.

The team is currently undergoing a transition to a new team name: Dissonance-Tek, or D-Tek if you want to use the short form.


Current team:[]

(not participating at the moment)

Hobbyweights: (0-0)[]

Shiki (not competed yet)

Featherweights: (0-5)[]

Heretic (0-5)
Cherry Bomb Classic

Ryōbi (not competed yet)

Lightweights: (128-59)[]

Scarab (25-21)
ARC: Reckoning, FRR: Dead Zone, Ruination: The Omen, Robot Bastards

Anti-Virus (27-13)
ARC: Carnage, Ruination: The Beginning, League of Robotic Excellence 2, Ruination: The Upheaval

Troubloon (3-6)
ARC: Aftermath

BlackRose (28-7)
ARC: Armageddon, Crazy Bots: Blazing Ruin, FRR: Backlash

Kite (14-7)
League of Robotic Excellence, Crazy Bots: New Breed City

Airazor (11-2) (now a member of Team Ignition)
FRR: No Mercy

Eudial (14-2)
Ruination: The Contagion

Vesta (6-1)
Cherry Bomb Classic

Renka (not competed yet)

Middleweights: (116-67)[]

Perseus (13-9)
ARC: Reckoning, Crazy Bots: New Breed City

Terminus (1-8) (now a member of Team Ectogasm)
ARC: Carnage

Jinx (30-15)
ARC: Aftermath, FRR: Dead Zone, Crazy Bots: Blazing Ruin, Ruination: The Contagion

Ultraviolence (10-6)
ARC: Armageddon, Cherry Bomb Classic

Luna (25-8)
Ruination: The Beginning, League of Robotic Excellence, Robot Bastards

Solve et Coagula (4-7)
Ruination: The Omen

Mimete (20-6)
FRR: No Mercy, League of Robotic Excellence 2

Juno (9-5)
FRR: Backlash

Plata O Plomo (4-3)
Ruination: The Upheaval

Heavyweights: (144-48)[]

Shadow Zone Forever (56-13)
ARC: Reckoning, ARC: Carnage, ARC: Aftermath, ARC: Armageddon, League of Robotic Excellence, Ruination: The Contagion

Killobite (5-5)
FRR: Dead Zone

Cutie Honey (28-7)
Ruination: The Beginning, Ruination: The Omen, League of Robotic Excellence 2

Spectrum of Eternity (7-3)
Crazy Bots: Blazing Ruin

Mass Hypnosis (11-2)
FRR: No Mercy

Tellu (20-7)
Robot Bastards, FRR: Backlash

Seras (10-2)
Crazy Bots: New Breed City

Pallas (7-2)
Cherry Bomb Classic

Devil's Verdict (0-7)
Ruination: The Upheaval

Superheavyweights: (132-59)[]

Fulcrum (12-12) (now a member of Team Blood Gulch)
ARC: Reckoning, FRR: No Mercy

Tax Cutter (27-10)
ARC: Carnage, Ruination: The Beginning, Crazy Bots: Blazing Ruin, Ruination: The Upheaval

Parental Advisory: Explicit Content (4-5)
ARC: Aftermath

Count Bleck (4-6)
ARC: Armageddon

Industrial Bastardization (20-4)
FRR: Dead Zone, Crazy Bots: New Breed City

Teresa (34-5)
League of Robotic Excellence, Ruination: The Omen, Robot Bastards

Master of Savagery (7-5)
League of Robotic Excellence 2

Libra (8-7)
Ruination: The Contagion

Archetype (9-3)
FRR: Backlash

Ceres (7-2)
Cherry Bomb Classic

Overall Record[]

Robot Wars Discussion Forum/Fighting Robots Association

  • Wins: 224
  • Losses: 111

Custom Fantasy Leagues/Advanced Robot Combat

  • Wins: 520
  • Losses: 238


  • Wins: 12
  • Losses: 1


  • Wins: 756
  • Losses: 350

Robot Accolades[]


  • won The Windmill award (Ruination: The Omen)
  • LW finalist (Ruination: The Omen)


  • two-time consecutive LW champion (ARC: Armageddon and Crazy Bots: Blazing Ruin)


  • LW champion (Ruination: The Contagion)


  • MW champion (FRR: Dead Zone)


  • MW finalist (Ruination: The Beginning)
  • MW champion (League of Robotic Excellence)
  • most career KOs of Team Covenant (12)


  • two-time MW finalist (FRR: No Mercy, League of Robotic Excellence 2)


  • MW finalist (FRR: Backlash)

Shadow Zone Forever

  • won Giguere Award in ARC: Carnage
  • three-time HW champion (ARC: Carnage, League of Robotic Excellence, Ruination: The Contagion)
  • tied for winner of Copperhead Award (Ruination: The Contagion)
  • most career wins of Team Covenant (56)

Cutie Honey

  • HW champion (Ruination: The Beginning)
  • two-time HW finalist (Ruination: The Omen, League of Robotic Excellence 2)

Spectrum of Eternity

  • HW champion (Crazy Bots: Blazing Ruin)

Mass Hypnosis

  • HW champion (FRR: No Mercy)


  • HW finalist (FRR: Backlash)
  • champion of Pressure Drop on the Battlebots sub-reddit


  • HW finalist (Cherry Bomb Classic)


  • SHW finalist (FRR: No Mercy)
  • won Sarge award in FRR: No Mercy

Tax Cutter

  • won The Windmill award (Ruination: The Beginning)
  • two-time SHW champion (Ruination: The Beginning, Ruination: The Upheaval)

Industrial Bastardization

  • SHW finalist (FRR: Dead Zone)


  • won Barrier Award (Ruination: The Omen)
  • two-time consecutive SHW champion (League of Robotic Excellence, Ruination: The Omen)
  • highest official career win streak of Team Covenant (25)
  • highest amount of wins per tournament (14)


  • won Falling Down Award (Ruination: The Contagion)


  • SHW finalist (Cherry Bomb Classic)
  • SHW Tag-Team champion w/ Viluy (Cherry Bomb Classic)