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Team Covenant

The most successful team in the past several years on ARC, mostly through fraudulent results and prostituting his multiple (yes, multiple. Disgusting, I know) waifus off to the writing team of any given tournament. The tendency for physics to change to allow objectively bad designs like Spectrum of Eternity, Fulcrum, or Juno to win fights against superior bots is a paradox that has baffled many of the brightest researchers in the world, and has fueled intense conspiracy theories and flame wars on ARC.

"It just works." - KodeBreaker on why basic Newtonian laws seem to shatter in his presence.

The only reason why this half-assed team does as well as it does.

Stephen Hawking has dubbed the phenomenon "Kody physics", and all ARC competitors are advised to take caution when in the vicinity of Covenant robots.

Even worse than his bad bots that win, are his bad bots that lose. He will not hesitate to lash out at those that call deformed monstrosities like Solve et Coaglua "jokebots" and complain bitterly when they lose every fight that isn't a FF.

He is well known for ragequitting ARC entirely during the Aftermath tournament, then returning and subsequently winning at least 40 fights per tournament ever since, typically averaging at least 2 championships per season including tournaments he doesn't even enter.

Fun fact! Did you know Kody's team used to be named "Team Zlayerz"? If that doesn't sound like something that came straight off a 12 year olds XBox Live profile, I don't know what does.

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