Team D.E.A.D.
Participation Information
Series ARC Aftermath

ARC Armageddon

Robot Attack

FRR: Dead Zone

Ruination:The Beginning

Crazy Bots: Blazing Ruin

League of Robotic Excellence

Ruination The Omen

FRR: No Mercy

Crazy Bots: New Breed City

Robot Bastards

League Of Robotic Excellence 2

Ruination: The Contaigon

FRR: Backlash

Cherry Bomb Classic 2

Team Information
Team Members Lian Walsh
Georgina Adams
William Rolfe
Home Town Northampton, England

 Team D.E.A.D (Formerly Team Blaster Boyz and Team Ectogasm) is a British robotics team that competes on the CFL circuit, home to the legendary ARC tournaments.The team captain is the ever present and eccentric Lian Walsh, who has been at the helm of Team Ectogasm since it's formation in 2009. Other teammates include Lian's girlfriend, Georgina Adams. And friend and co-worker, William Rolfe

The team (Like a few others) Have fictionial team members also, that appear alongside Lian and Georgina often times for some tournaments. These people usually help out in the pits to help repair the teams bots. The Ecto-Brigade consists of...

  • Tek
  • Narumeia
  • Neopolitan
  • Yuj
  • Snow Villiers

So far, Team Ectogasm has entered every single CFL tournament there was from 2010 all the way to the present day. The team seemed to be big underdogs in their early years, but since late 2012, the team has finally took off and is one of the top performing teams in the CFL circuit. In July 2013, Team Ectogasm Finally achieved their dream when Super-Heavyweight robot F-Dynasty won the Crazy Bots: Blazing Ruin Super-Heavyweight championship. As of this moment, the team began to rack up more wins and trophies, including a historic unbeaten season for The Servants Assistant 3 which romped to the title back in League Of Robotic Excellence 1. And Klarinette has gone on to win 3 heavyweight championships, tying with Shadow Zone Forever & Underall for most titles.

Due to personal circumstances, the team withdrew from all competitions during the summer of 2016, however, the team is now back on the circuit as of August 2017.

  • Achievements, Trivia etc. Under construction*
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