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This Guy is Clearly Not from Around Here[]

In 2018, the ARC staff ran a tournament on reddit creatively known as REDDIT. The idea was to attract all sorts of interesting new people to our community. Had we known that this guy would show up, however, we likely wouldn't have run it.

Bad enough was Team Worst Swordsman's unparalleled understanding of physics. Worse still was the 'I may actually be a Laz alt along with half the bloody forum' schtick of Red Letter Robotics and the silent, lurking, mouth-breathing creepiness of Nighthawk Robotics. These pale in comparison to the grave offenses committed by our now-resident Argentinian.

This guy can't do it.

He is just literally entirely incapable of making a normal-looking bot. Let us all just take in and appreciate that this numpty has yet to make a single bot that has...wait for it...good old-fashioned normal-ass wheels like the kind invented during the goddamned Copper Age. That's not exaggeration either, like it is with The Monsterworks. There is not a single bot on his roster with normal wheels. Ming-blowing, I know. Also standard fare on Team Design Flaw bots are things like turrets that rise on a telescoping stack, 10+ omniwheels, 2 armour, vertical blades the size of Connecticut, hovercraft, and exploiting the shit out of that sweet, sweet, soon-to-be-extinct tracks bonus. He tries to put it all over with an easygoing good-guy persona and a charming spanish accent, but we're onto him.

In the years to come, if teams like Chaotic Robotics, The Monsterworks, and End of the Line LLC are seen as harbingers of calamity, it will be Team Design Flaw that is held entirely responsible for ARC jumping the shark, never to look back.

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