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One of several new faces from REDDIT inducing Alzheimer’s in every single veteran (including the mod team), Superbomb, captain of the oh-so-edgy Team ETHER (quiver in fear of that one) is almost forgettable enough to not warrant his own page. Almost.

A true Amerifat, Super is the only person I’ve ever heard proudly proclaim he had eaten an entire large pizza at the age of eight. Two hours later, he was in the vent chat questioning why he doesn’t have a girlfriend. I’m not one to confuse correlation and causation, but I’m sure a guy who’s a nice, slim, 275 pounds in high school isn’t getting all the girls. When not flaunting his legitimate health condition, he’ll find a litany of other things to complain about in that channel, including, but not limited to:

  • How much he hates his parents

  • How scared he is when one gets the sniffles

  • How much he hates lockdown

  • How much he hates his parents disagreeing with lockdown (you may think this is better suited for #politics-and-bullshit but he’s presumably muted that because he couldn’t ‘own the libs’ like Ben Shapiro)

  • A kid that died 30 miles away

  • And many, many other things that really don’t affect him personally

Assuming he actually leaves #vent, he will immediately flood the server with off-hand remarks on the level of Reddit comments sorted by new, post whatever animated music video he thinks is ‘cool’ this week, moan about NASCAR a bit, and post the same exact bridge in earthporn every few months. With his fixation for that bridge you’d think… Nevermind.

You’d think all of this would make him stand out, but quite the opposite actually happens. In fact, he still gets bombarded regularly by hide/SIRENS/Ridin with Biden’s opponents declaring their configs.

Speaking of opponents, Super’s ‘Grande Strategia’ is as follows: draw Pat round 1, think he’s a god of strategy, angle in, win, angle in on his next opponent, and immediately get BTFO’d because his average renders of designs he’s repeatedly been told don’t work, surprise surprise, don’t hold up very well. If he’s trying really hard, he’ll nitpick to the finest detail of the opponent’s bot while completely forgetting that wheels don’t have traction if they can’t touch the ground (heard Harvard’s sent him letters!).

His most notable robot is National Security, otherwise known as wheelscrub incarnate, which presumably won its fights to make Super feel a bit better about his questionable designs and fell victim to the elusive ‘idiot rectangle.’ He also created Machina Non Grata, a flipper that made finals in ROBOT by default and facetanked Maxi’s HS in a matchup we’re still pretty he and Maxi conspired upon, along with Cross Check’s complete facefucking at the hands of ISAN.

All in all, he’s probably not leaving much of an impact on ARC until he gets banned for saying something that’s ‘totally acceptable in Kentucky’ (almost forgot his love-hate with that third-world country) and goes to live under some bridge where he won’t let hot girls pass without a payment of feet pics.

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