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The grandly-named Team Eagle Robotics is a recent addition to the ARC roster of teams and, if early results are any indication, a valued source of easy wins for better teams for years to come.

Little is known about the team captain, Billy, except that he's from Indonesia, which already makes him more interesting than 90% of other ARC users. Also of note is his near fanatical obsession with the RA2 community and something called Orc's Wars in particular. Nobody on ARC knows what this is and, if they did, rest assured that they wouldn't care at all.

For all of his many, many failings, one cannot fault dear Billy for his enthusiasm. He regularly submits long, detailed, and thorough RPs, cramming in as many poor strategic decisions, counterintuitive strategies, and tactical blunders as possible in order to generously give his opponent the best chance of winning that he can. What a swell guy, huh? We eagerly look forward to more from you, Billy.

Hard-Hitting Article that Billy Wrote for Himself, lol

Team Eagle Robotics is a new team from Indonesia, run by Billy. Apparently, Billy fanatically loves RA2. I mean like, he doesn't do any CAD at all (unless we count one moment), but he makes his bot on RA2 as he thinks it's great. It's even rumored that he said he will do more RA2 than any other robot combat games. He now enters a tournament called Orc's Wars 3, which is apparently very popular on YouTube even among robit combat youtubers, but no one in ARC cares.

Oh, he also has that tendency to write his RP's detailed and long. Like, why? Ironically, despite of that, he actually doesn't do much RP.