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Ever heard of Little Yellow Bus? Me neither

Team Fox aka Team Fox's blah blah blah too bloody long is a fictional combat robot team owned by Brummie dyspraxic furfag "roboteer" Ethan "Botomatic1000" Wall who cant be arsed to do a custom robot that isn't a polycarbonate scrap with a NanoTwo and a Zumo wedge screwed in.

Team Fox bots are typically (though not exclusively) animal themed to fuel Boto's furfag ego. Boto believes control I useless based off the traction to speed differences on his bots. Team Fox's famous robots include Pooky The Lawnmower a cheap deathspinner that has the longevity of a Mayfly, Raccoon XL who is trying so hard not to be a more compact Hellhound its painful and Le Tambour De Battaile who is slower than a paralysed 87 year old, it also features a completely useless drum and wedge. Team Fox are often based off obscure and terrible robots from the early 2000s that no one has heard of or gives a crap about.

Botomatic1000 owns a few IRL robots all of which aren't custom built. These include Jack The Flipper a Viper Kit with a lifter that doesn't go forwards due to Boto's negligence and forgetting to charge the lipo often, Phantom Fox a typical furfag animal bot with a flipper that he overrates to hell and Minimus a D2 because he was too lazy to build something other than that for the European Beetleweight Championships in 2017.

Team Fox is also the Tweety to Team Edgy Robotics' Sylverster, the Bugs Bunny to its Elmer Fudd, and the Roadrunner to its Wile E. Coyote, or at least it would be if Boto ever bothered to RP.

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