Fantasy Robot Combat Wiki

Preemptively voted 'biggest fanboy team' for the year 2017, the captain of this New York-based outfit lives solely for their love of the webcomic Homestuck and its other affiliated properties, but more specifically for the various animated waifus that they almost certainly chokes the chicken to hourly daily.

More notable than any of their robots is their sheer level of productivity. It has been estimated that Team Foxtrot Uniform produces a new design roughly every seven minutes and fifty-three seconds, though the speed with which Sylandro produces robots seems to enjoy a negative correlation with any of them actually winning, a skill which has so far eluded this team almost entirely. Unfortunately, this skill does not apply to their ability to host tournaments, either. Also noted that Sylandro has a aversion for ground clearance, easily causing their robots to become easily high-centered on a piece of paper.

If it weren't for the blessed presence of North-West Sheds allowing everyone else to feel better about themselves, this team would be the proud owner of the worst winning percentage in recent years on ARC among active, consistently RPing teams.