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Well known for entering bots with names longer than your average wiki article, Team Hunga will be forever remembered for ruining ARC forever with Underall and its piano teeth wedges. Using this exploitative design, Underall went from an obscure LW to one that won roughly 40 fights in a row with the only exceptions being FFs when he was bored of winning and clashing with well known powerhouse spinner Exotherm.

In addition to naming his bots using emo song lyrics from bands that probably don't even exist, he was also an early adopter of the hentai approach to winning championships (a tactic Kodebreaker would later steal) with Japanese School Girl/Pornstar.

In 2010, the captain had a nervous breakdown and quit from ARC permanently, and moved to a polyamorous cult in Santa Fe where he now works with turquoise or something I don't know.

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