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Team Instant Regret, captained by Hooray For Lexan, has somehow escaped ever getting a salt page, which is odd considering that it singlehandedly wins 75% of tournaments nowadays. Let's fix that.

Team Instant Regret is known for Compound Fracture mostly, which has an actuated lifting wedge. The lifter is driven by an A28-150 motor, with an Apex Dynamics 25:1 planetary reducer – this is the same combo that Sewer Snake uses. The speed is further reduced by a single stage of #50 roller chain at a 2.4:1 ratio, for an overall gear ratio of 60:1. The final output sprocket is connected to the lifter by a friction clutch. The sprocket is sandwiched between two polyurethane rubber rings which are compressed against it by a set of aluminum clutch discs. These discs are bolted together and the assembly is bolted to the lifter structure. The clutch is normally tightened to slip at 375 ftlb of torque, or about half of motor stall torque at 8S, but 220 ftlb is sufficient to lift an opponent. This both avoids motor overheating and protects both the gearbox and the chain from shock – the chain shouldn’t snap if the lifter is uppercut by a lifter or vertical spinner. The lifter rotates on a 1.5” O.D, 1/4” wall hollow dead shaft made of 4130 steel, with high-load bronze sleeve bearings. Three configurations for the lifter are available. The first is a symmetrical wedge, with a central lifting section and two freely hinged outriggers. The outriggers’ travel is limited by contact with the frame rails, preventing faceplanting when lifting, and the independently hinged parts follow floor irregularities allowing for a very low wedge. The other two configurations are asymmetrical plows and scoops, shaped to deflect horizontal and vertical spinners respectively. These also use outriggers: these are made out of aluminum with rubber bumpers where they contact the frame, and are hinged so that their upward travel is stopped with the chassis tilted forward about 3 degrees, and downward travel is stopped with the plow moved 30 degrees below the level position.

This is why HFL isn't allowed to leave the house anymore.