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Team MPire
File:Team MPire.JPG
Participation Information
Team Information
Team Members Rob Collins
Danny Crombie
Ricky Notes
Home Town Essex, England

Team MPire is a team that competes in Advanced Robot Combat. The team is captained by Rob Collins, and is joined by friends Danny Crombie and Ricky Notes, who both sometimes drive the robots, but are primarily driven by Rob.

Golden Destiny 2.PNG
Golden Destiny 2, the team's worst robot

The team signed up and entered the League Of Robotic Excellence in 2013, their first tournament since joining.


League of Robotic Excellence

Name Weight Class Wins/Losses
Crystal Lightweight 4/3
Golden Destiny 2 Middleweight 0/7
StrAtA Heavyweight 1/6
Nine Super Heavyweight 5/2


  • Wins: 10
  • Losses: 18
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