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The Team Mongoose logo

Team Mongoose has been competing in ARC since the close of 2010, under the leadership of Nick Fisher (NFX), not to be confused with Nick Schuch (Spatula) of Team Yellow Alert. As of August 2013, Team Mongoose has competed in four tournaments, is currently ranked 13th in the CFL Rankings, with a 79-74 win-loss record, and has never failed to make the playoffs in at least one weight class. Nick Fisher has created all Team Mongoose designs, along with dreating several CAD renditions of Ice Cubed Robotics' machines.


Italic indicates a robot made the playoffs in a tournament.

Underlined indicates a robot made the finals in a tournament.

Bold indicates a robot won a championship in a tournament.

Agent X: FRR Dead Zone, Ruination: The Beginning

Braveheart: Ruination: The Beginning

Cyclone: ARC Armageddon

Freezerburn: FRR Dead Zone

Frequency: Ruination: The Beginning

Ganymede: Crazy Bots: Blazing Ruin

Incision: ARC Armageddon

Kraze: ARC Armageddon, FRR Dead Zone, Ruination: The Beginning

Pursuit: Crazy Bots: Blazing Ruin

Revolutions Per Minute: Crazy Bots: Blazing Ruin

Scatterbrain: FRR Dead Zone, Crazy Bots: Blazing Ruin

Terabyte 2: ARC Armageddon