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Team Mongoose
Team Mongoose Logo.png
Team Mongoose's mascot, a cartoon mongoose with a spear.
Participation Information
Series ARC: Armageddon
FRR: Dead Zone
Ruination: The Beginning
Crazy Bots: Blazing Ruin
League of Robotic Excellence
Ruination: The Omen
FRR: No Mercy
Team Information
Team Members Nick Fisher
Home Town Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland

Team Mongoose has been competing in ARC since the close of 2010, under the leadership of Nick Fisher (NFX), not to be confused with Nick Schuch (Spatula) of Team Yellow Alert.

As of June 2014, Team Mongoose has competed in seven tournaments, is currently ranked 11th in the CFL Standings with a 159-128 win-loss record, and has never failed to make the playoffs in at least one weight class. Braveheart's championship victory in Ruination: The Beginning earned Team Mongoose the distinction of being the first British team to win a major CFL championship.

Nick Fisher has created all Team Mongoose designs, along with creating several CAD renditions of Ice Cubed Robotics' machines.


Underlined indicates a robot made the playoffs in a tournament.

Asterisk* indicates a robot made the finals in a tournament.

Double Asterisk** indicates a robot won a championship in a tournament.

Lightweights: 31-38

Frequency: Ruination: The Beginning, Ruination: The Omen (13-7)

Jesus Built My Hotrod: Leaue of Robotic Excellence, FRR No Mercy (11-10)

Scatterbrain: FRR Dead Zone, Crazy Bots: Blazing Ruin (5-13)

Terabyte 2: ARC Armageddon (2-8)

Middleweights: 38-35

Braveheart: Ruination: The Beginning**, Ruination: The Omen (14-8)

Cyclone: ARC Armageddon (4-6)

Freezerburn: FRR Dead Zone, FRR No Mercy (12-11)

Revolutions Per Minute: Crazy Bots: Blazing Ruin (5-4)

SWARM: League of Robotic Excellence (3-6)

Heavyweights: 49-26

Cryoseism: League of Robotic Excellence* (9-2)

Kraze: ARC Armageddon, FRR Dead Zone, Ruination: The Beginning, Ruination: The Omen (26-16)

MiDAS: FRR No Mercy (7-5)

Pursuit: Crazy Bots: Blazing Ruin* (7-3)

Superheavyweights: 41-29

Agent X: FRR Dead Zone, Ruination: The Beginning, FRR No Mercy (21-9)

Ganymede: Crazy Bots: Blazing Ruin (5-4)

Incision: ARC Armageddon (3-7)

Murder Death Unit: League of Robotic Excellence (4-5)

Reaver: Ruination: The Omen (8-4)


ARC Armageddon

  • Astrodude Award: Best Rookie Roboteer

Ruination: The Beginning

  • Astrobot Award: Best Rookie Robot - Braveheart
  • Barrier Award: Best Engineered Robot - Kraze

Crazy Bots: Blazing Ruin

  • Explosion Award: Hit of the Tournament - Ganymede (vs. Modest Discomfort Usherer)

League of Robotic Excellence

  • Maximus Award: Most Aggressive Robot - Jesus Built My Hotrod
  • Buddy Lee Award: Most Entertaining Robot - SWARM (Tied with Tankasaurus Rex & Harbinger)

Ruination: The Omen

  • Blood Thirsty Award: Coolest Robot - Reaver

FRR: No Mercy

  • Strategist Award: Best RP'er (Tied with Kody Kunz)
  • Copperhead Award: Most Aggressive Robot - Jesus Built My Hotrod
  • Sarge Award: Most Improved Robot - Agent X (Tied with Fulcrum & Parabolic Trajectory