Fantasy Robot Combat Wiki

Team Obscure is currently the only french team currently on ARC, which is showcased by how the team has managed to rack up the most FFs out of probably any team on the forum, as it appears the french habit of surrendering most confrontations applies to non-military combat as well.

And even the rare times he does show up he usually gets clapped and sent home crying like a salty 12 year old getting bodied on Fortnite, this would be arranged if he didn't display the intelligence of a burnt waffle whenever designing robots and kept including crippling flaws that would require about 3 active braincells to identify and eliminate.

Of course this could have gotten fixed over the 8 years this team has competed if Mystic, the team captain, had understood the concept of "improving his bots", and didn't instead waste his time:

-bitching about everything like a little girl

-salting out over how ARC is a shit game when no-one fucking cares, everyone wishes he'd fucking shut up and leave ARC already, and that for how shit ARC is, he still played it for 8 goddamn years

-being generally the 20 year old equivalent of that emo edgelord kid in your middle school class who has to understand he isn't cool but just cringe and will never be cared about or respected if he stays a whiny wreck of a human being

By some act of magic, he actually managed to once complete a tournament without FFs called ICECrown, this would elevate him to legend status among his surrendering baguette-eating comrades if any of them cared about this niche af thing that would only get labeled and laughed at as a nerd with entirely too much free time.

Probably the biggest contribution to ARC lore this team has is a robot called Golden Blaze who has become just about every form of horizontal spinner possible, and also was the unwitting instigator of the Melty-HS meta, and also caused writers a few brain aneurysms in it's first appearances, too bad it sucked ass anywhere outside it's first rodeo somehow, eventually culmaniting in being reduced to a meme emoji because at this point no-one can fucking take this bot seriously.

nowadays he's trying to use the new robot combat game on the block called RR2 to CAD robots, still not realising that having fancier tools don't matter when you don't turn up to half your fights and still have the mental capacity of a lead pencil.