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The current "token female competitor", an honor formerly held by Tracy Farber, and that German lesbian whose name I can't remember. Also, pretty much worships the ground that Ray Billings walks on and is very likely to have a picture of him posing suggestively on her bedroom wall.

Perhaps for reasons of being a sweet southern belle or maybe due to an odd form of tourette's that forces her to add an 'a' into any word not in the good Lord's bible, Danielle is summarily unable to just properly and satisfyingly curse, instead, utilizing edgy words like 'shiat' and 'biatch'. It's adorbs.

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Random Serious Article

Newly formed team that began competing in late 2016 after competing for a year on the Reddit Hammerfall and Pressure Drop tournaments. Team Stealth consists of a 30-something year old woman (Shaba117) who is obsessed with robot combat and has even gotten into building irl in the 3-pound 'beetleweight' class. Team Stealth's ARC creations consist mainly of wedgy/lifty type bots, but is starting to expand that to flippers and high-KE spinners. Shaba's favorite irl bot is Tombstone/Last Rites, but fell short with creating a worthy 'Tombclone' for the Cherry Bomb Classic tournament. Death Metal simply did not possess the drive motor speed to contend in its weight class and missed the playoffs.

However, Team Stealth has had more success with the Middleweight Circuit Breaker (on loan from Alpha Robotics) and the SuperHeavyweight XIII, whose run in CBC took it into the playoffs before being aptly defeated by Team Instant Regret's YOU DIED. Expect even more success from Team Stealth's entries in future events!

Team Stealth has also had its fair share of controversy, as well. There was an accusation of cheating early on the the CBC tournament, though Shaba claims it was a simple rules misunderstanding. Shaba is also not too keen on making good friends amongst the other roboteers, creating a long-running rivalry with Alpha Robotics that stemmed from the Reddit Pressure Drop tournament (although with Alpha lending Team Stealth a Middleweight robot, this rivalry seems to have warmed up a bit and they have not competed against each other in the CBC event).

There has also been some disdain between Team Stealth and the judging of some of the matches that its robots have competed in, which has lead to some pretty heated shouting matches, along with one match where XIII emerged victorious by a very controversial judges' decision over the formerly undefeated robot of Team Angry Goat, The Four Elements. Shaba felt justified about her victory while Team Angry Goat felt exactly the opposite. However, the victory stood and XIII received a critical Bye into the playoffs for much-needed repairs.

Aside from competing in the Reddit Fixation: Monkeywrench tournament with the brand new and experimental entry, Blackbird and being a judge, Shaba is taking a bit of a break from competing, instead focusing on completing some more designs to be an even tougher contender for the next major event. Stay tuned!