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Team Vertigo
Participation Information
Series r/Battlebots Hammerfall

FRR: Backlash

Team Information
Team Members Rurí Thomson
Home Town Glasgow, Scotland

Team Vertigo is the name of Rurí Thomson's robotics projects. Rurí made his debut in 2015 in r/Battlebots Hammerfall tournament with the heavyweight Vertigo. He later joined ARC to compete in FRR Backlash, designing four new robots for the tournament. Rurí's robots have quickly become known for their silver, gold and transparent lexan colours and using Perm 132 motors to power the weapons.  Rurí uses Sketchup to design his robots. 



  • Evil Roomba - FRR: Backlash 0-0


  • Thunder Strike - FRR: Backlash 0-0


  • Vertigo - r/Battlebots Hammerfall 3-1
  • Bolt - FRR: Backlash 0-0
  • Vertigo 2 (in construction)

Super Heavyweights

  • Colossus - FRR: Backlash 0-0


  • All of Rurí's robots are designed to be built in real life should the funds be available. 
  • Team Vertigo are the fourth Scottish team in ARC after Team Braveheart, Team Mongoose and Team Inky.