Team Worst Swordsman
Participation Information
Series R.E.D.D.I.T
Reckoning: Revival
The New Era 2
Mobilize, Britbongs! (semi-combat)
RoBattle (semi-combat, withdrew)
Team Information
Team Members Rocket
Home Town Thanet, Kent, United Kingdom

Team Worst Swordsman is a fictional UK combat robotics team and one of vanishingly few to be headed up by a woman. Establishing itself comparatively recently in early 2018, the team prides itself on trying to be innovative rather than sensible or even slightly competent. Despite this, the team RPs are forever delving deeper into tryhard territory and occasionally spew up the odd upset victory. That everyone refers to those upsets as, er, "victories" tells you exactly what you're dealing with.


Featherweights Edit

Tree Surgeon
A tracked chainsaw bot that saw a massive overhaul after being chewed up and spat out by anything even vaguely decent in ROBOT2. Now a 2WD bot with a big triangle dustpan wedge that is in no way inspired by the works of one Mr. Go. Interestingly, the bot now sports two chainsaws, because why only have one for the writers to laugh at?
Debut: ROBOT2
Tournaments: ROBOT2 (2-5), Thunder Underground (as Tree Surgeon 2, 0-0)
Lifetime Record: 2-5

Lightweights Edit

You don't get many robots themed after the Cleveland Browns, but this is one of them. An eggbeater spinner which uses it more as a flipper than anything else, this 2WD bot has shades of Black Dog about it. It's also invertible, which is rare for a Worst Swordsman tournament entry
Debut: Thunder Underground
Tournaments: Thunder Underground (0-0)
Lifetime Record: 0-0

Another seminal bad ideas machine, Hobart is a tracked robot that sacrified armour almost entirely for drive power and the ability to smash things. Uniquely in ARC history, it used its vertical spinning flails as a kind of high-speed axe - when it wasn't sporting a much more conventional bar. The flails do have a 100% record though... so far. The sequel bot has been drastically reworked, making it faster, invertible, and a drum spinner rather than a vertical bar. It's still armoured with crisp packets and prayer, though.
Debut: ROBOT2
Tournaments: ROBOT2 (3-4), CBC 3 (as Hobart 2: Fear Naught, 1-1)
Lifetime Record: 4-5

The Revenge of Psychosprout
One of the worst CADs in human history, this was an attempt at a sit'n'spin thwackbot with a difference - a mono-wheel setup and convoluted array of magnets allowed it to basically be a big ball with a flail setup. Sadly, it never got to fight, as the team withdrew from RoBattle. Perhaps it'll see combat one day.
Debut: RoBattle
Tournaments: RoBattle (X)
Lifetime Record: 0-0

Middleweights Edit

Debuting as Riptide in Reckoning: Revival, Dragonfist was the team's earliest attempt to make the otherwise-unworkable flail weapon into a terrifying prospect. A shell spinner in a meta that made them deeply underpowered, Dragonfist nevertheless became the first Worst Swordsman robot to make the playoffs of a major tournament. It left immediately thereafter having drawn an enormous wedge. Whoops.
Debut: Reckoning: Revival
Tournaments: Reckoning: Revival (as Riptide, 1-2), ROBOT2 (4-4), Thunder Underground (0-1), CBC 3 (0-0)
Finals: ROBOT2 (Quarter-Finalist)
Lifetime Record: 5-7

Heavyweights Edit

Ad Astra
Ad Astra was made for a semi-combat event alongside her sister bot Victoriana, and though they share a defensive overall design ethos they're designed to evoke very different eras of British robot combat. Ad Astra is the later model, the "Britflipper" ubiquitous to the British live scene and, bizarrely, almost nowhere else. We'll see how well Ad Astra does in the tournament as a whole.
Debut: Mobilize, Britbongs!
Tournaments: Mobilize, Britbongs! (0-0)
Lifetime Record: 0-0

Helepolis was a good idea executed incredibly poorly. Essentially a Gabriel-style bigwheeler with a lifting arm on a rotating body powered by an electric motor, it was stymied by the crap CAD work and the fact that the team had to withdraw completely from its only tournament to date. Sad, really. Maybe a Helepolis 2 will show up some day.
Debut: RoBattle
Tournaments: RoBattle (X)
Lifetime Record: 0-0

The first robot ever made by the team, Tabor was one of the worst and strangest robots in the competition. Like so many robots from the team's stable, it was a promising idea (esentially Breaker Box on a turret) that had a hilariously bad level of execution. With a turret larger than its main body and hilariously vast plough, the Mark 1 variant was given a complete pasting in its debut tournament and spawned several uncomplimentary memes involving Life Alert. The second iteration, however, did quite a lot better, securing actual wins and - more importantly - not falling on its face all the damn time. Experienced roboteers often find that this is a helpful characteristic to have. Who knows, the third, equally-improved iteration may see a playoff appearance! We can but hope.
Debut: R.E.D.D.I.T
Tournaments: R.E.D.D.I.T (1-4), ROBOT2 (as Tabor Mk II: Omni-Directional Assault Boogaloo, 3-4), Thunder Underground (as Tabor Mk. III: Somehow There's A Third One, 0-0), CBC 3 (as Tabor Mk. III: Somehow There's A Third One, 1-0)
Lifetime Record: 5-8

Victoriana and her sister bot Ad Astra were made for a semi-combat tournament that could be essentially summed up as "what if Scandinavia And The World was a robot fighting show instead of a webcomic?". This meant that the bots were designed to evoke past eras of robot combat, with Victoriana representing the classic British control-oriented bot with the multi-weapon setup, in this case an axe and a lifter à la Mortis with a dash of Panic Attack. While the pair has a worrying lack of damage-dealing capability, the plan is to outlast the opposition - and in this, they might have a good deal of success.
Debut: Mobilize, Britbongs!
Tournaments: Mobilize, Britbongs! (0-0)
Lifetime Record: 0-0

Superheavyweights Edit

KEGATRON, and yes you do have to spell it in block caps, is another very odd design. It's a full-body drum spinner with giant-ass HDPE Gabriel wheels and enormous weapon teeth that almost scrape the ground due to the flex and splay of the wheels. KEGATRON's greatest strength is its deceptive speed, which basically means it's an indestructible lump of angry metal and plastic belting towards you at quite a few more miles per hour than expected, possible while The Ride Of The Valkyries plays at deafening volume over the arena tannoy system.
Debut: CBC 3
Tournaments: CBC 3 (0-1)
Lifetime Record: 0-1

ARC's first openly lesbian robot, Labrys is a combination axe and vertical spinner with a hell of a clutch and a petrol engine. Unlike most of the team's robots, it has at least serviceable CAD work, and it is (at time of writing) the only robot in the stable with a winning record, having won its only fight to date against a worryingly hardy brick. Whether this was a fluke or the start of a great tournament run, only time will it's a fluke. It's definitely a fluke. Still, it's technically got a better w/l record than some of the other entries over the years, so things could definitely be a lot worse.
Debut: ICECrown
Tournaments: ICECrown (2-4), Thunder Underground (0-0)
Lifetime Record: 2-4

Other Weight Classes Edit

CHOO CHOO MUTHAFUCKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA was a machine made for the completely serious and not at all memetacular tournament The New Era 2: Electric Boogaloo, a tourney so utterly serious that CCM's weight is officially classed as "Batmanweight". Joy. A shaft-driven horizontal disc spinner themed after trains, its a unique design that also manages to be of no use whatsoever. Oh well. At least the disc looks cool.
Debut: New Era 2
Tournaments: New Era 2 (meme tourney, X)
Lifetime Record: 0-0

Overall Team RecordEdit

Wins: 18
Losses: 30
Average: 0.375 (3 s.f.)