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Look at Me! I'm Affably Eccentric!

Team Worst Swordsman is a team from somewhere in the sunny south of England that oh-so desperately wants to be roasted so that it can properly belong. In order to serve this singleminded purpose, the team owner, Cassie Heath (which ARC members unanimously agree is a substantial improvement over Harold Heath), designs robots so unfalteringly roastable that it has now boomeranged on her. Tempting as it is, we shall not dignify them with a proper rundown that will likely result in her exploding out of sheer masochistic glee. Seriously, only a masochist designs this stuff. Besides, you know what they say about low-hanging fruit. Nope, no roasting for you, Cassie. None at all. Sorrynotsorry. Not roasted here. This is definitely not a half-ass roast. Am I making myself clear enough that it actually is?

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