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Team Yellow Alert
Participation Information
FRA Series:
1st War of the Writers
Wars of Fury
The Crash and Burn Tournament
Velociraptor's Fan Fic Tournament Series 4
NSBFL 5,6,7
The American Influence 1
ARC Series:
ARC: Revolution
ARC: Redemption
ARC: Armageddon
Ruination: The Beginning
Crazy Bots: Blazing Ruin
League of Robotic Excellence
Ruination:The Omen
FRR Dead Zone
Reign of Steel
Robot Bastards
Crazy Bots: New Breed City
Cherry Bomb Classic
FRR No Mercy
Ruination 4
Reddit Series
Battlebots: Hammerfall
Pressure Drop
Team Information
Team Members Nick Schuch
Home Town Raleigh, NC, United States

Team Yellow Alert began competing on the forum in 2001, and has been active in vaporbot tournaments almost continuously since then, shifting over to FRA in 2003 and then ARC in 2006, where it has maintained a presence ever since. All robots from the team are designed and computer-animated by Nick Schuch (BEES).

As of May 2018, excluding very old FRA tournaments, it has 4 championships, 3 runner-ups, and 38 playoff placements.



Annoying Box Rush - Ruination: The Omen 2013, Reign of Steel 2014

Influenza - Reign of Steel 2014

Parasite - Battlebots: Hammerfall 2015

Other Achievements:[]

-The body-length bar system designed for Probot would appear on three other successful bots. Force Feedback (Team Targeted), Smilodon, and team Yellow Alert's own Stingray.

-First team to field a successful walker on ARC (Influenza, which became the first walker to qualify for the playoffs in August, 2013 for LORE, and then the first walker to win a title in 2014 in Reign of Steel).

-The Differential Fork system for ABR is unique among weaponary, but has shown to be effective.

-Still holds the record for most coin-toss victories.


underline indicates playoff qualification

asterisk* indicates finals qualification

double asterisk** indicates championship


Exotherm:(5-15), ARC Revolution, ARC Redemption, CBC, Ruination 4

Skate: (5-5), ARC Armageddon, FRR: Dead Zone

Annoying Box Rush: (28-14), Ruination: The Beginning*, Crazy Bots Blazing Ruin, League of Robotic Excellence, Ruination: The Omen**, Reign of Steel**

Cherax: (5-7), FRR No Mercy

Microwave: CBNBC, Robot Bastards, LORE 2


Influenza: (25-8), ARC Revolution, ARC Redemption, League of Robotic Excellence*, Reign of Steel**

Glory Hole: (1-9), ARC Armageddon

Stingray: (29-13), Ruination: The Beginning, Crazy Bots Blazing Ruin, Ruination: The Omen, FRR No Mercy, Robot Fight Night, Ruination 4

Pterodactyl: CBNBC, Robot Bastards, LORE 2, FRR:Dead Zone

Rake Against The Machine: CBC



V'Ger (11-12): ARC Revolution, Ruination: The Omen, Battlebots:Pressure Drop

Probot (4-5): ARC Redemption, R.E.D.D.I.T.

Parasite (33-21): ARC Armageddon*, Ruination: The Beginning, Crazy Bots Blazing Ruin, League of Robotic Excellence, FRR No Mercy, Battlebots: Hammerfall**

Station to Station (unrated): Reign of Steel, CBNBC, Robot Bastards

Gamma Ray: LORE 2, CBC

Infrared: FRR:Dead Zone, Ruination 4


In the Red Square...Minion (4-7): 'ARC Revolution, LORE 2, FRR:Dead Zone

Manta (9-11): 'ARC Redemption, Ruination: The Omen

Exotherm III (2-8): ARC Armageddon

Sphere O' Fear (4-4): Ruination: The Beginning

Modest Discomfort Usherer (4-4): Crazy Bots Blazing Ruin

Barracuda (14-7): League of Robotic Excellence, FRR No Mercy, CBNBC, Robot Bastards

Noise Through the Apartment Wall: Reign of Steel, CBC

Metal Heck: Ruination 4

FRA Robots[]

Before competing on ARC, Nick Schuch was a prolific competitor on the main

Gigavirus, circa 2004

Robot Wars forum throughout its various incarnations. Several of his older robots have yet to be entered in any ARC tournament and are currently considered informally 'retired':


Exotherm (version 1)


The Clones That Were Not There

V'Ger (version 1-3)