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Team Yellow Alert, voted "Most Arrogant Team on ARC" from 2006-2016. The notoriously flaky competitor, Spatula BEES, misses RP deadlines more than any other regular veteran on the site and consequently holds the trophy for most coin-toss victories, along with hosting the most unfinished tournaments of any TO.

Many innovations to the ARC metagame have happened thanks to this team, such as the ABR wedge--which has now become the only viable strategy on ARC, as well as other strategies like changing the rules until you win.

Annoying Box Rush, the bot for which the aforementioned ABR wedge is named, also pioneered the design philosophy of having a weapon without allocating weapon points. Later versions of this robot allocated a weapon point so it could stop using its weapon. When asked about this, the team captain stated that he just wanted his robot to make less sense. In that regard, he has undeniably succeeded.

While many teams like Team 57, Team Cardboard Pony, or Team Fox, are shameless at promoting their degenerate fandom with the rest of the forum on every single one of their goddamn bots, BEES, despite being a huge furfag himself, is much more cautious about sharing his disgusting fetish(s) with the forum.

Annoying Box Rush

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