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(bot-o-rama 2016)Team cardboard pony[]

Team cardboard pony is a team run by Patrick rowberry (scorpion1m) that made its debut in the early 2015.

the team are most well know for making all there robots out of cardboard, lego, knex and are the only team to date to hold tournaments for only there own robots to compete in how ever the transition from the real life cardboard fights and roll play has been hard.

team history[]

the team made its first debut with the heavyweight rammer "rainbow dasher" witch had a hard rivalry with "Dumbo's Revenge" losing both fights despite its changeable weaponry after hammerfall rd was retired but was re-stated and is getting revenge in backlash.

after a great showing in bot-o-rama wit the robot pro it got a good update to compete in this years pressure drop.


total record


pro (2-2)

(bot-o-rama 2016)


the horny one (2-3)

(bot-o-rama 2016)


sister sledge (1-2)

(bot-o-rama 2016)

swift scoop ( 0-0)

(cherry bomb classic 2016)


rc (0-0)

(backlash 2016)

(cherry bomb classic 2016)


metal 2 (0-0)

(backlash 2016)

the horny one (0-0)

(cherry bomb classic 2016)


the rainbow dasher (1-2)

(hammerfall 2015)

(backlash 2016)

pro (0-0)

(pressure drop 2016)

battery ram (0-0)

(cherry bomb classic 2016)

super heavy wights[]

the pegasus device (0-0)

(backlash 2016)

exterminator 2.0

(cherry bomb classic 2016)