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Winner of Pressure Drop
Team Information
Team Team Covenant
Robot Statistics
Weapons Axe/flipper combo.

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

Tellu is a Heavyweight robot from KodeBreaker of Team Covenant. She has a 4WD system with an axe that works on a rack-and-pinion mechanism akin to Terrorhurtz. On the axe head is an arm that can flip opponents when hidden in the rear plow, should any competitor find themselves stuck on the plow.

Tellu is basically the next step in Kody's Intrigue line of vapourbots. This basically makes her a championship calibre robot since, two iterations back, Intriguous defeated Alex Holt's Achilles to become champion of the Pussycat Tribute Tournament: Regeneration.

Tellu took part in Ruination Lite: The Switcheroo, captained by Chris Schramm of Team Gemini. She went all the way, defeating Team Ignition's El Chupacabra in the final. She also took part in Robot Bastards in her slightly updated form (1.2), where she made it to the semi-finals, only to be knocked out by Team Targeted's Snijmachine. Most recently, she competed in FRR: Backlash, making it to the finals only to be knocked out by The Arbiter.

The biggest success that Tellu achieved, however, far outmatches that of Intriguous back in 2009. Adam Lawson of Team Toxic hosted a fanfic tournament on Reddit called Pressure Drop, a large scale tournament comprised of many competitors and sequel to Hammerfall, where Tellu's teammate Mass Hypnosis was entered but fell short. Tellu II was entered into this and quickly became a forum meme both on Reddit and on ARC due to KodeBreaker's overly emphatic description of her. Despite this, Tellu managed to replicate Shadow Zone Forever's and Teresa's successes by going completely unbeaten through the entire tournament, beating favourites such as Smilodon, Hellhound, and Dreadnought. She managed a whopping 8 knockouts in her 9-0 record, her only judges' decision coming at a rather comedic contest with Hellhound in the semi-final.

Tellu has no current plans for a return... or does she?

ARC Record[]

  • Wins: 20
  • Losses: 7

Reddit Record[]

  • Wins: 9
  • Losses: 0

All-Time Record[]

  • Wins: 29
  • Losses: 7


  • Tellu's name reference is much more blatant than Mimete's, as the character Tellu comes from the same group Mimete's character does. Despite this, Tellu also takes her name from both a mineral, tellurite, and the element tellurium.

    Does this look like the face of mercy?

  • Tellu's theme song is "Injection of You" by Australian industrial metal band Jerk.
  • Because of Pressure Drop, Tellu's status as a meme has blazed through ARC like wildfire. This has resulted in forum and Discord emotes of character Tellu with shades, Tellu being associated with weed and weed-related memes, and lesbians (with character Klarinette, not the bot :V)