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Teresa III
Team Information
Team Team Covenant
Robot Statistics
Weapons Punching bar with thwack tail on the end, and front lifting forks.

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

Teresa is a Superheavyweight lifter/puncher created by KodeBreaker of Team Covenant. She is a 2WD box with a pointed front end, and has side skirts that work the same inverted. She sports a Stingray-like puncher for fighting horizontal spinners and robots that rely too much on their wedges. Teresa also has front lifting forks that can very slowly lift something, or push into the ground to get under stuff. The punching bar also doubles as a thwack at the rear, having a spiked tail as a back-up.

Her previous versions were much different. She was an invertible 2WD angled octal shape, similar to Turtle Road Kill, but even lower and with more leverage. All body armour panels minus the top and bottom were angled really low at 25 degrees, effectively making them great wedges. This, combined with the octal shape, made it extremely difficult for a horizontal spinner to really do much damage. On top of that, there was a scoop set-up explicitly for horizontal spinners, as well as axes that she could block using the scoop. The most noticeable feature, however, was the hidden spike within the lifter, run off high-pressure pneumatics. Simply put, she lifted the opponent up and then fired the spike - OUCH! - right into their underbelly. The lifter went up 180 degrees without the scoop, and 95 degrees with it. She could right herself by raising the lifter and then firing the spike into the ground to push herself right side up again. There were red body panels on her second iteration, reinforcement for extra protection against spinners, and better protection against wedges too.

Teresa is on her way to becoming Team Covenant's most successful robot. She went 11-0 in League of Robotic Excellence, defeating Tali'Zorah in the final, and then blazing right through into Ruination: The Omen as Teresa II, going 14-0 and taking out Peppernut in that final. Setting a CFL record-high 25 wins in a row and counting, she is one of three undefeated two-time champions, the others being Japanese School Girl and Reflector Shield. Ironically, both Japanese School Girl and Reflector Shield are also Superheavyweights. Teresa and Reflector Shield also competed together in Ruination: The Omen, but missed the chance to face each other.

Updated, Teresa III took part in Ruination Lite: The Switcheroo in her third form, which has yet to be showcased. Owned by Josh Noel of Team Blood Gulch, she continued her dominance and beat Peppernut again in the final.

Teresa III also took part in Robot Bastards, where she experienced a far less successful tournament run, her first loss coming from Team Ignition's Phantasmic Slammer, and then racking up 4 more losses, including one in the quarter-finals against Peppernut that saw her eliminated. Despite this, she is still far more successful than any Covenant robot save Shadow Zone Forever.

There is already a fourth version in the wings, returning to the DooAll inspired set-up.

Overall Record[]

  • Wins: 34
  • Losses: 5


  • Teresa's first, second, and upcoming fourth versions are all inspired by the Battlebots Superheavyweight DooAll, specifically the Season 1.0 and 2.0 variants. Her third version was based on fellow custom robots Stingray and Force Feedback.
  • Teresa is one of Josh Noel's most hated robots, presumably because Teresa has beaten his robots 4 times in a row. Ironically, he piloted Teresa to a mini-tournament win.
  • Biggest rivals: Tali'Zorah, Jack Frost, Peppernut
  • Theme: "Bifurcate" by progressive rock band Codec.
  • Name inspiration: Teresa Beria from the manga series The Qwaser of Stigmata. Nick Schuch feels the reference could also be made to the Teresa from Claymore.