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Terminal Velocity
Terminal Velocity
Team Information
Team Ice Cubed Robotics
Robot Statistics
Weapons Powerful C0² gas-powered Flipper, Tyre Cutter

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

Terminal Velocity is a Heavyweight flipper design, built by GF93 of Ice Cubed Robotics to enter Ruination- The Beginning. A low box-wedge design running on 4-wheel drive, it was mainly designed around its weapon- a large Pneumatic Flipper, running on C0² gas and covering almost the entire front and top of the machine.

Not only was the Flipper incredibly powerful, shown to be capable of hurling its Heavyweight opponents to impressive heights and self-righting spectacularly when flipped, it was also renowned for being incredibly hard to get under from the front, thanks in part to a sharpened Tyre Cutting Blade positioned along the edge. This would allow it to damage opponents' wheels as it pushed them, and slash them from underneath as it flipped. This configuration also served as the predominant protection for the robot- whilst the chassis was lightweight, the Flipper was coated in a thick armour that proved able to shrug off most attacks effectively.

Whilst it proved to be very powerful in its debut appearance, its main drawback proved to be its exposed front corners, which left its lightly-armoured chassis vulnerable to horizontal spinners. Despite not making the Playoffs after taking beatings from Parasite and Revolver Ocelot, it proved itself to be a good contender along the way- finishing with five wins to three losses, and never being KOed along the way.

Currently, Terminal Velocity is undergoing minor refinement to the shape of its Flipper- once the improvements are finished, the Flipper will cover the front corners as well, which should grant it significantly better protection against spinners.


Ruination: The Beginning- Fifth in Rankings, did not make Playoffs.

Wins- 5 Losses- 3

Biggest Rival- Parasite

Theme- TBC


  • With a perfectly lined-up throw, Terminal Velocity's flipper is capable of firing a 100kg Heavyweight robot about ten feet into the air.
  • When it was introduced, Terminal Velocity had the lowest wedge stat of any competitor in Ruination- The Beginning.
  • After Waterloo Sunset, it is currently Ice Cubed Robotics' most successful rear-hinged Flipper.