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Team Team Ectogasm
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Weapons Axe

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

Terminus is a middleweight robot created by Team Covenant and currently owned by Team Ectogasm. It was thought to be the successor of Perseus until Perseus' second version was created.

Terminus is already getting a redesign, and one would wonder if Terminus and Perseus were to fight in the arena one day.

Robot History[]

ARC: Carnage[]

It had a very disappointing run under ownership of Team Zlayerz, winning only 1 out of 9 fights with a forfeit win over ACAMS' Sanitation Engineer.

League of Robotic Excellence[]

Terminus' first opponent was Golden Destiny 2, with both robots driving to the centre. Terminus gets underneath it and hits the weaponry motor of Golden Destiny 2 while it fights back, its motor stops working as Terminus shoves it into the hammer where it eventually gets immobilized and counted out. The second week match was against Give Way. Terminus slowly drives to the centre as Give Way charges towards it, Terminus tries to dodge attacks but is wedged and hit with the drum a number of times. Terminus hits the top of Give Way but is shoved into the spikes and continues to damage the top armour with its axe. Terminus escapes and slams its opponent into the hammer but the drum sends them both skidding across the floor. Terminus axes a part of the wedge and drags it into the arena saws, Give Way then gets underneath and sends Terminus flinging into the wall before cease is called. Terminus loses to a 24-21 judges' decision.

Its next match was against Influenza, where its opponent would submit the longest known RP against it. Terminus uses a defensive strategy with its axe already down but Influenza's power almost rips it off after a couple of hits. Influenza goes around it and tackles the side armour, Influenza drives away and charges at Terminus with a thunderous hit, which immobilizes Terminus and it gets counted out. Its next opponent was Luna, but neither robot decided to attack for a while at the start. Luna eventually clips the plow of Terminus, which sends Luna skidding. Terminus tries for an axe attack but Luna counters with another hit to the plow, and scrapes the side armour. Terminus suddenly gets underneath and begins to axe the top of Luna, as it slams it into the arena wall. It continues to ram it while axing it until Luna escapes and goes around Terminus and hits the side once more before cease is called. Luna wins the match on a 23-22 split decision.

Terminus' next match was against S.W.A.R.M.. S.W.A.R.M. breaks apart and go their separate directions, as Terminus watches on. It then goes after Queen and viciously uses its axe on the armour, Worker and Drone go to save its yellow clone and each tackle Terminus, Terminus then shoves Drone into Worker and rams them both into the arena spikes. Queen spins and hits the back of Terminus and scrapes the armour, it ignores Queen and begins to axe away at Worker. The trapped robots eventually escape but Drone's speed and armour is noticeably weaker, S.W.A.R.M. then surround Terminus but goes after the weakest, Drone. It barges it out of the way with an axe shot to the tire but Drone hits it out of the way, Queen and Worker work together with a ram into Terminus into the arena drum which flips Terminus over. It self-rights as Queen and Worker drive around, Terminus then continues its earlier attack on Drone and delivers more axe hits to it, Queen suddenly shoves Terminus back into the drum and is flipped again before cease is called. Terminus wins the match via a 29-19 decision.

The week 6 match was against Decapitator. Decapitator quickly gets to the sides of Terminus and escapes an attack, it tries it again but Terminus wedges Decapitator but is able to also dodge an attack. It charges at Decapitator and gets underneath but it slides off of the plow. Decapitator finally gives the first shot, but is not too damaging, Terminus gets revenge with an axe shot of its own and does damage instead. The two starts to chase each other for the remainder of the match until Terminus gets underneath Decapitator and shoves it into the saws as cease is called. Terminus wins the match on a 25-20 judges' decision. Terminus' next opponent was Handle With Care. Terminus charges at its opponent and shoves it to the side. It then wedges it again and hits the top of its armour, Terminus then slams Handle With Care into various places throughout the match, Terminus pushes it into the hammer where it eventually becomes immobile and gets counted out.

Terminus is scheduled to fight against Automaton.

(to be completed)

Overall Record[]

(under Team Zlayerz)

  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 8

(under Team Ectogasm)

  • Wins: 8
  • Losses: 4


  • Terminus' name was inspired by an actual bus or train terminus, due to Kody's affixation with local transit.