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The "No" Patrol
The current version of The "No" Patrol
Team Information
Team Team Ignition
Robot Statistics
Weapons Spinning ring and hinged wedge

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent competition

The "No" Patrol is a middleweight robot owned by Team Ignition. Its main weapons are a spinning ring which encircles the chassis and a hinged wedge which hangs over the top of the ring. It has has decent success in the CFL leagues, with a semi-finals finish in Robot Bastards. The "No" Patrol previously had a kinetic flipper weapon set into the wedge, inspired by Warrior Clan, but it proved to be a failure and was scrapped.

The "No" Patrol was originally inspired by Ry_Trapp0's Spin Suicide. Badnik wanted to improve on the design and make it into a middleweight. The current rendition of The "No" Patrol was designed and rendered by Nick Schuch of Team Yellow Alert.