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The Fighting Organization
Participation Information
Team Information
Team Members Max "Big Poppa" ?
Tupac Shakur
Professor Utonium
Other Names The Kanye Best
Home Town Underground Midwest

 The Fighting Organization is a Midwestern robotics team that competes on the CFL circuit, home to the legendary ARC tournaments.The team captain is the biggest pimp you'll ever meet, Max ?, who is also commonly reffered to as Big Poppa. Big Poppa founded the team in 2012 and has been renowned for his own fasion line and is regaurded a god by North Korea. Other teammates include West-Coast based gangsta rapper, Tupac Amur Shakur. He provides total and complete inspiration for all of Big Poppa's work. Even though he died in a drive-by in Vegas in 1996, he still comunicates through extraterrestrial telekineses. The third and final team member is a cartoon character, Professor Utonium, who created the Powerpuff Girls and builds all the robots and stuff.

So far, The Fighting Organization has entered only 2 tournaments so far. The team showed very little success in their first tournament, CBBR, where their only successful robot was Angered Mystery 3. For LoRE the team has taken off and has shown to be a good upcoming group with success in each class.

  • Big Poppa created an archive of all the different CFL bots he could find.
  • Tupac's biggest hit was "California Love".
  • Professor Utonium runs a meth lab.
  • The team would like to have all your money.